Solving Challenges of Data Access

HealthWISE provide a range of health services across New South Wales and Southern Queensland. Because of this, they have a large amount of data to be managed that is often sensitive and subject to government regulations. HealthWISE needed a data management system that could cope with their needs and grow with them.

Who are HealthWISE?

HealthWISE are a health service in New South Wales and Southern Queensland. These services include allied health, elder care, mental health, and more. They’re a large organisation with dozens of programs across two states. HealthWISE concentrate more on rural areas and therefore provide extremely important services and care in more isolated communities.

Data Management Challenges

Every business has data to manage, and HealthWISE were no different. Being in the health sector though, HealthWISE had additional obligations around reporting, access, and security. Going further, since HealthWISE work across a variety of sites, their data needed to be accessible in a range of ways. Almost as importantly for HealthWISE, data also needed to be accessible by a variety of employees who often had varying roles and levels of technological skill.

Basically, Red Crow Digital needed to create a database system that was easy for users to read, write, and make reports with. This system also needed to integrate with various external systems, including government systems and the systems of partner organisations.

Simple to Use, But Powerful

We started by working closely with HealthWISE to develop and implement new Information Management policies and strategies. This allowed us to not only understand the needs of the new system, but also consult with them on best practices and ensure the final outcomes would be a perfect fit for them. Then we got to work on the technical implementation.

We built a whole new database architecture for HealthWISE from scratch. From there, we ensured that this new database could integrate with spreadsheet data, external systems and APIs, and of course third-party systems.

As this new database was going to be holding personal medical information, it was also designed to be secure inline with government regulations on personal medical data. Security is important for all business data, but when you’re working with personal medical information, there are additional things to consider.

If you or your business has a lot of data to contend with, talk to us about how to best manage it. We’ll be glad to help.