A Beautiful and Inspirational Website

With ModFurn Interiors, we were tasked with creating a good looking and smooth website to inspire not only potential customers but also interior designers and architects. Being a website that needed to showcase ModFurn Interiors’ latest and ever evolving work we also had to create a site that was easy for the wider ModFurn team and external contractors to administer and maintain.

Who Are ModFurn Interiors?

ModFurn provide quality commercial fitouts across a variety of industries across Australia. They pride themselves on providing the quality of a local business with the lower price points of a larger business. As a subsidiary of Stuart and Dunn Office Choice, ModFurn are quickly becoming a trusted name in the commercial fitout space. ModFurn manages fitouts completely end to end. They manage, source, and build entire projects for any variety of office or commercial situation.

A Website That Worked For End Users and Administrators

Beyond simply having a website where potential customers could come to learn about ModFurn services, they also needed an opportunity to showcase their beautiful and aspirational interior designs. ModFurn wanted a website that was unique without being clunky and overly designed.

Beyond this, it was just as important that the site was easy to maintain and administer. ModFurn planned to have a large amount of staff and even external contractors making changes to the site. This was because ModFurn wanted to ensure that its most recent and cutting edge designs were always on display.

A Full Website Build

As always, we here at Red Crow Digital approached the project holistically, ensuring that there would be no hiccups from the very beginning.

Beyond our initial consultation where we mapped out requirements and briefing, our in house team then presented in-browser clickable mockups to the client. We felt that Wagtail CMS was the perfect choice for this project not only because of its speed but also because it would be easy for the ModFurn team and its contractors to update and maintain.

We set up hosting through Amazon Web Services in Sydney, prepared images, and did initial SEO and analytics set up. Finally, we also worked with a third party content writer to create the initial copy for the site.

This was a true website build from the ground up.

The Finished Product

The outcome was a well designed, beautiful, and yet functional website. Not only does it strongly represent the client’s brand, but it also looks great on a range of different devices. It appeals to potential customers as well as interior design and architecture partners.

During initial training, we found that it only took about 15 minutes for new staff to understand the Wagtail CMS interface, make edits to existing pages, and create new pages and content for the website. While Red Crow Digital continues to provide ongoing maintenance and support, it remains important that the ModFurn team be able to maintain their own site with ease.

ModFurn’s new website is easy to use for both users and administrators, fast, scalable, secure, and future-proof. With the new site now up and running, ModFurn has aspirations to include more advanced custom features to give them the edge over the competition. And thanks to the Wagtail CMS and Django Framework, these new features can be added when the time comes.

Red Crow Digital is proud to present ModFurn.