Integrating Tessitura

Together with Musica Viva Australia, we created a streamlined, flowing user experience that takes the user from browsing their favourite concerts all the way to purchasing tickets, all built on top of Musica Viva’s existing Tessitura system, an enterprise level third party ticketing integration. Since the development, Musica Viva has seen an increase in online sales and a reduction in customer service issues, with thousands of happy customers every month.

"I've enjoyed having a close working relationship with the team at Red Crow Digital. They are quick to respond to requests, great at explaining complex issues and are eager to work with me to find new ways to improve our website to make it more user friendly." - Annelise Maurer, Digital Marketing Manager, Musica Viva Australia

At the beginning of the project we identified several critical aspects of Musica Viva’s service that needed major improvements. The most important of these were the mobile experience and ticketing purchase path, stemming from the Tessitura implementation. By taking the perspective of a consumer, our goals were clear. We needed to create a smooth, inspiring experience that makes purchasing tickets a pleasure no matter what device the person happens to be using.

From the very beginning, Red Crow Digital helped to foster a partnership with Musica Viva that went beyond the traditional client-contractor relationship. This was a defining factor in the project and led to extremely easy, open communication between all parties and a strong ability to work together to solve problems. Through the course of the project, we faced complex challenges that demanded unique solutions – solutions that have since been applauded by Tessitura experts.

We have also written a more detailed piece on the project as a whole. If you are interested, read about the Musica Viva project in depth.