Automated Reference Checking

Red Crow Digital has helped bring to life a brand new product aimed at cutting down the time it takes to check a job candidates references. Working closely with the iCheck team we delivered a system that automates collecting, contacting and comparing these candidates.

The Idea

Traditionally the way that candidate reference checks are collated and processed is a very manual and time consuming. By transforming an outdated and tedious process into an automated and efficient solution, iCheck allows employers to spend more time working on strategic areas of their business.

Everything to Everyone

The main problem with trying to build a system like iCheck is the fact that there really isn't a 'standard' approach to recruitment that every HR department follows. Many factors go into HR processes including company culture, team sizes, location and management directives. So how do you build reference checking software that works for just about everyone?

The answer is to define a simple, robust process that is data-driven, and include enough customisation options to suit most organisations.

Real Metrics

iCheck allows employers to upload their own referee questionnaire. This gives the opportunity for employers to collect information that is relevant to their organisation and the position they are
trying to fill. From here the system provides metrics that allow hiring managers to make comparisons on candidates.

The End Result

Delivering a product that takes the hassle and difficulty out of reference checking was our priority. It was our pleasure to be able to make this happen for our customer.

Red Crow Digital is proud to present iCheck.