Real-time Security Reporting

Red Crow Digital was engaged to design an app that allows licensed venues to monitor and alert other venues of evicted or barred patrons. Through the app, venue staff and security can report an incident which then notifies other venues who are close to the incident location. This enhances security and safety for staff and patrons and stops trouble before it starts.

allows venues to keep an eye out for unwanted patrons and stop trouble before it starts.

Who Can Benefit?

Preampt is designed for the venues. The key staff members such as those working the bar and security are added as users of the app so they can report incidents as they happen in real time to ensure the safety of the staff and their patrons.

Stay Notified

Previously, a venue had no other way of knowing if their patrons were evicted at other venues.
Now, even if they have no contact with the initial venue, Preampt allows venues to work together in knowing who the troublemakers are. The app also allows users to instant message others in the Preampt community to keep them informed of any issues or developments.

The End Result

At Red Crow Digital, we were very happy to be able to provide a product that met the customer's requirements and we look forward to continuing to work with Preampt.

Red Crow Digital is proud to present Preampt