Wagtail Content Management System Developers

A website should not only be easy to use and look good, but it should also be able to be managed well. Here at Red Crow Digital, we make sure that your website is paired with a content management system (CMS) that best allows you to manage your content. This CMS is Wagtail CMS. Wagtail is an industry leading CMS that’s developer friendly, easy to maintain and update, and fast for users. Not convinced? Read on for more information on Wagtail CMS.

What Is Wagtail CMS?

Most websites use what’s called a content management system, or CMS for short. A CMS is used to make it easier to update and manage a website once it’s been designed by a team of web developers like us. There are hundreds of different CMS options available, and Wagtail CMS is one of them. We believe a CMS should be powerful and well equipped while also being easy to use, streamlined and lightweight. This is why we use Wagtail CMS. Wagtail CMS is an open source, community trusted CMS that has virtually limitless extensibility.

If you’re interested in technical specifications, Wagtail CMS is built on Python, one of the fastest growing programming languages out there. Beyond its Python source, Wagtail CMS uses the Django framework, which is screaming fast and security focused. There’s a lot more we can say about Wagtail CMS, but that’s the basics.

Why Use Wagtail CMS?

User friendly, fast, and reliable

Wagtail CMS makes both the content creator’s and the developer’s life easy with a full list of features that make it easy to use and implement while still having great power and functionality.

  • Powerful and Secure

    Wagtail is inherently secure as it is based on the Django web framework which among the most secure frameworks available.

  • Administrative

    Easily configured to allow additional users with different permission levels depending on their group.

  • Support

    With a massive online community, Wagtail is constantly being improved with the addition of community created modules.

  • Performance

    Wagtail is lightweight by design which means it is lightning fast and can run on almost any server.

  • SEO

    Being found by the intended user is critical in a successful website. Wagtail understands this and is made to be SEO friendly with its sitemap generator module.

  • Ease of Editing

    With 'StreamField,' Wagtail's built in editor, the editor is allowed to build a mixed sequence of content types.

Control of Content Through Wagtail CMS

Wagtail's built in editor, named StreamField, allows the editor to create rich, long-form and structured content with ease. By handling content types as blocks, it allows the creator to build up their page with anything from a simple field to a Google Maps block. All this means that once we’re finished developing a great looking site for a client, the client is easily able to make changes in copy and images, or even maintain a blog, all without the need of a dedicated developer. For larger changes requiring a developer, Wagtail has a quick development framework meaning you won’t break the bank.

Wagtail Development Benefits

Why we love Wagtail CMS and you'll love it too

Of course, as web developers, we really love Wagtail CMS because it’s a great environment to develop in. Wagtail CMS is extremely developer friendly. This means we can get to work quickly and easily, keeping costs down for clients and concentrating on what matters: making great looking websites.

  • Easy to Integrate

    Wagtail CMS prides itself on being able to integrate easily with third-party tools and add ons. This means that your new website will work well with any software needed for your business.

  • Futureproof

    As Python is a well maintained programming language, Wagtail CMS isn’t going away any time soon. This also ensures Wagtail CMS will continue to be updated for years to come.

  • Global

    Wagtail CMS’ global nature means there’s plenty of support out there. This allows developers and clients alike to have a wide array of resources to rely on for even better development.

  • Extremely Secure

    Although we’ve already mentioned security we think it’s important enough to mention again. As web developers, we want a website to be as secure as you do. And it’s why we love Wagtail.

  • Fast to Develop

    Wagtail CMS is friendly and fast to develop. This makes our job easier and also keeps costs down for our clients. Fast development is win-win.

  • Reliable

    Everything needs to be updated from time to time, including Wagtail CMS. Wagtail CMS’ update and release cycle is regular, predictable, and easy to maintain.

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