Third Party Integrations

For a lot of businesses, their website and essential business software don’t exist in a vacuum. Instead, all the software a business uses needs to work together. Unfortunately there’s not always an easy way to connect up a variety of programs. This is where third party integrations come in. Other businesses may have a unique system that they use specifically for their business purposes and it needs to talk to other third party software to keep the business flowing. This is another need for third party integrations.

Regardless of the need to integrate between different pieces or software or between a website and third party software, we here at Red Crow Digital have the experience to help. All a client needs to do is tell us what the requirements of the project are and we’ll come up with a solution that fits the brief perfectly.

Third Party Integrations and Django

The Django Development Framework is our preferred web framework because it’s great for integrating with other systems. We find Django extremely versatile and quick to develop which means for clients any project will go smoothly. It also means we’ll be able to easily find a solution to suit the client’s needs. What’s more, Django isn’t just a framework for websites, it’s the perfect framework for integrating with any third party application whether that be a company website or a backend interface or database.

Building From the Ground Up

Whether a client already has two pieces of software that need to talk to each other or whether they need a new piece of software built that integrates well with one of their current systems, Red Crow Digital are here to help. We love working with Django because it’s not just great for developers, it’s also fast and great for end users. Django is perfect for third party integrations because it is:

  • Very fast

  • Loaded with extras

  • Secure

  • Extremely scalable

  • Versatile

  • Widely adopted

How We Work

We can work on an integration project of any scale, whether big or small. If a client is unsure of the scope of a project, we’re also here to help define the project and help decide what needs to be done, including any features that need to be included. We also know that while we’re the experts in developing, the client is the expert in their particular industry. The client knows what they need for their business needs and we’re here to solve the problems and challenges of their business. We’ll find a way to find a solution specific to a client’s needs.

Our Recent Third Party Integration Project

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    Musica Viva

    Musica Viva

    Musica Viva needed a new website that integrated with their existing Tessitura ticketing system, an enterprise system frequently used in the performing arts industry. This new site has lead to an increase in online sales and a decrease in customer service issues.

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