Content Marketing

Triple White is a lifestyle and fitness online magazine published by the team at Stylerunner - a market leading activewear brand and online retailer. The aim of this project was to build a platform for the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote Stylerunner but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.

The challenge

Building Lifestyle

Stylerunner as a brand saw it as important to offer more support and a community to it's customers to help them achieve their goals in living a more active lifestyle. It was deemed an online community providing inspirational stories, tips and support was the best option to provide the help their customers were looking for.

"Stylerunner is more than just an online store, it's a global network of over half a million people, all sharing their love for an active lifestyle."

The main challenge for this project was to conceptualise and build a solution that was capable of providing content-driven marketing in a scalable, modern and accessible way.

The design

Visual, engaging, scalable

Being a content-driven exercise, we approached the design process placing content and scalablity as the leading requirements. While it was important to maintain the Stylerunner and Triple White brands, it was just as important to remember how visitors to the website would be accessing the content, on what devices, how they'd share it and ultimately how the content would drive sales back to Stylerunner's online store.

The process began with a short discovery phase and entered quickly into wireframing a group of possible template layouts for articles within the website. We also began planning a modern, responsive homepage grid layout for the list views and assessed how this could be technically achieved across browsers of all sizes while maintaining the experience.

In the end we arrived at a reasonably classic and tested article/blog layout for content templates, featuring related and secondary content, easily discovered social sharing, comments and a network of display advertising driving back to Stylerunner. The homepage layout was concepted and revised until a suitable mix of frontend trickery and design compromise achieved the desired result.

The tech

WordPress Custom CMS

The obvious choice for this website was to employ the World's leading blogging platform: WordPress. The techincal plan was to design/build a custom 'Theme' for the frontend alongside a customised admin area employing premium extensions, such as Advanced Custom Fields Pro. The WordPress setup was reasonably simple due to the fact this was a content-driven exercise where the platform simply needed to support the content creation and management of administrators.

Final result

We were proud to launch the Triple White website for Stylerunner and were extremely happy with it's performance, both technically and from a customer support perspective. The WordPress instance is stable, kept up-to-date and has a number of content producers sharing inspiring content every day.