Content Marketing

Stylerunner - a market leading activewear brand and online retailer, engaged Red Crow Digital with the goal of increasing online sales via customer engagement. The medium chosen for this task was an online magazine providing inspirational stories, tips and support for their customers looking to live a more active lifestyle.
Since launch the magazine has thrived. With hundreds of articles added and over 13.5k followers on Instagram alone, it's the perfect platform for driving organic sales.

"Stylerunner is more than just an online store, it's a global network of over half a million people, all sharing their love for an active lifestyle."

Promoting Lifestyle

The main challenge for this project was to conceptualise and build a solution that was capable of providing content-driven marketing in a scalable, modern and accessible way. The reader shouldn't feel that they are being constantly pushed into purchases. Instead the user experience and design needed to let the content do the talking and, where appropriate, seamlessly invite the user to shop for items that relate to what they have just read.

To deliver what Triple White required with a minimum of content entry effort and at the same time maximise posibilities for social media integration, we implemented a customised WordPress theme. The design and layout is familiar enough for users to feel immediately comfortable, but includes features that are designed to help Stylerunner achieve it's marketing goals, such as related and secondary content, easily discovered social sharing, comments and a network of display advertising driving back to Stylerunner.

Final Result

We were proud to launch the Triple White website for Stylerunner and were extremely happy with it's performance, both technically and from a customer engagement perspective. The magazine has a number of content producers sharing inspiring content every day and continues to help Stylerunner reach it's online sales goals.

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