Moving to Modern Data

Working with NILWA, we have taken the technological heart of their business from a dated, on-site database with underperforming reporting capability, to a modern, cloud-based system that integrates smoothly with a custom sales app that staff can fit right in their pocket. By speeding up and automating several of NILWA's existing processes, the company has saved over 100 hours per month previously spent on manual data entry.

"Red Crow are a smart team of developers who through collaboration find solutions that can be tailored to suit business needs. Love their work!" - Jenny Hughes, General Manager, NILWA

The Old

Upon starting the project, we undertook a full review of NILWA's current systems and related business processes. In addition to helping to inform the scope of the solution, this analysis also revealed a number of pain points and inefficiencies that could be corrected. The old system had little automation and a lot of improperly structured data, at times making it difficult for NILWA to properly service it's constituents.

The New

The solution that Red Crow Digital provided for NILWA is cloud-based, easily customisable and uses open source software to reduce costs and maximise functionality. We took care of a full data migration from the old database, refactoring over 4 million records into a new, properly structured database management system.

Since it's launch, NILWA's new database, reporting system and sales app has saved the organisation several hours a day of work that previously needed to be completed manually, while drastically increasing their data analysis capabilities. This has led to a happier, more efficient working environment and allowed them the time and tools to increase their focus on clients and growing their service offering.