Information Management

Here at Red Crow Digital, we offer many solutions for storing and managing all of your data requirements. Whether you need a simple database for storing small amounts of data, or a complex database with thousands of entries, we can help!

What We Offer

  • Data Management
    Structuring and organising your data to be easily managed and accessible while allowing for easy entry of new data which can be automated by your website.
  • Integrate Existing Data
    The transition from old to new is seamless as we offer integration of all of your old data into your new properly structured database meaniing that there is no data loss.
  • Analytic Tools
    We can integrate data analysis and reporting tools which provide information on market performance and can return valuable analytics such as reports, invoices and inventory.
  • Custom Solution
    Depending on your data requirements, we can offer a wide range of different solutions. We make sure that the database we offer you will more than meet your needs and allow for future growth as your business grows.

Our Recent Database Projects

We have previously had the opportunity to build from the ground up, a secure and reliable database for our client, Nilwa. They went from manually entering data which cost them hundreds of hours every month to a fully automated, cloud based solution.

For more information on what we were able to offer Nilwa, please click the above image.

Helping Your Business Grow

As your business grows, so does your data. This makes having a reliable, scalable and fast database absolutely essential to the on-goings of running a business. We recognise this need and implement the perfect database to match your current and future needs.

Please contact us below to see how we can help you and your business with your information management needs.