Django Developers

Here at Red Crow Digital, we specialise in developing in Django. Sure our crack team of developers are well versed in all the standard web development frameworks and languages, but we just happen to love Django. And why not? Django is very fast both for developers and users, it’s well maintained, and it works well in a variety of web applications, not just websites. Basically speaking, Django has everything we need plus more.

Our favourite CMS, Wagtail CMS is also built with Python using the Django framework, so it’s not surprising it’s our favourite development framework. This means that if we’re developing a website for a client, we’re efficient, saving clients money. It also means that the final product not only looks great, but performs as well.

We’d love to develop your next web project for you. If you’d like to know more about the Django framework, read on, otherwise, get in touch.

Django Specialists

The team here at Red Crow Digital are your local Django framework experts. We’re based in Newcastle and Sydney in New South Wales, but we have a number of clients across Australia. We even work with clients internationally and have experience working with geographically separated teams across time zones. Our team has a wealth of experience in developing customer web applications with the Django Web Framework. If you can think of it, we can create it!

Django Websites

Django is designed to help developers take applications from concept to completion as quickly as possible while still satisfying the tough requirements of developers. Django has the power and speed in regards to performance whilst maintaining robustness in terms of security. This means it’s great for web applications in general and just as good for standalone websites. If you’re looking to have your website developed in Django, you’ll know that it is:

  • Extremely fast

  • Loaded with extras

  • Secure

  • Very scalable

  • Incredibly versatile

  • Widely adopted

E-Commerce Website Development

Beyond developing websites and applications in Django, Red Crow Digital also has experience in creating custom e-commerce websites based on the Django Framework. A Django based website is a good choice for an e-commerce website because of its:

  • Inbuilt security

  • Ability to integrate with other systems

  • Fast for both the user and the backend

  • Easy to maintain

Our Recent Django Projects

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    Nilwa were using an antiquated database to manage their business and sales. This was slowing down their processes and made reporting difficult. We migrated their data over to a new database and built a new Django based sales app that’s super fast and easy to use.

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    Musica Viva

    Musica Viva

    Musica Viva needed a new website that allowed users to browse for concert tickets and then purchase them online, all while integrating with their existing Tessitura System. Wagtail CMS and further work with Django was the natural choice for this project due to its security and ease of integration with a novel system.

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